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soulcup steel utopia • various sizes #second love

  • super light and unbreakable
  • perfect for on the go
  • made out of stainless steel
  • sustainable produced in China
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love at fir… äh 2nd sight

Do you believe in love at second sight? We do! This soulcup has small flaws like scratches or a wrong label – but of course still works perfectly fine. You can choose between 300 ml or 400 ml and will never need a disposable plastic cup again. The soulcup is made of stainless steel and 100% plastic free. 50 Cents go to WASH'n'soul, our drinking water and climate protection project with Viva con Agua and BORDA.

unzerbrechlich und plastikfrei • soulcup steel bunt • Edelstahlbecher plastikfrei • soulbottles
B-Ware soulcup steel utopia 0,4 l • Edelstahlbecher • soulbottles
Edelstahlbecher superleicht und unzerbrechlich • soulcup steel utopia • verschiedene Größen • soulbottles

abenteuer pur

The soulcup won your heart but you are more shiny from the inside? Here is our puristic model – our soulcup steel – also available with small flaws.

B-Ware Edelstahlbecher • soulcup steel utopia • soulbottles
B-Ware Edelstahlbecher • soulcup steel utopia • soulbottles