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dream team • steel + 1.0 l souldiver

  • ready for every adventure
  • glass meets stainless steel
  • sustainable & plastic free
€69.90 €74.80 (6.55% Saved)

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Incl. removable carrying handle.

These two soulbottles complement each other perfectly: The 0.6 l soulbottle steel made of double walled stainless steel fits into any bag, is unbreakable, insulated and ready for every adventure. For more relaxed occasions, you always have enough tap water at your fingertips with the 1.0 l souldiver made of glass. With this match in heaven, you save money and make some fantastic impact: Two euros of this set will go to Viva con Agua’s drinking water projects and help ensure that everyone in the world has access to clean and safe drinking water.

dream team • steel + 1.0 l souldiver
dream team • steel + 1.0 l souldiver