The world's cleanest drinking bottles – go ahead and find your design! 1€ per every soulbottle goes to a clean drining water project with Viva con Agua.

soulbottle 0,6l„Kipepeo"


discover „Kipepeo"

soulbottle 0,6l„the sky is not the limit"


discover „the sky is not the limit"

soulbottle 0,6l„soulsurferin“


discover „soulsurferin“

soulbottle 0,6l„1 Schluck Sommer“


discover „1 Schluck Sommer“

soulbottle 0,6l„all 4 water“


discover „all 4 water“

soulbottle 0,6l"Silberfarn“


discover "Silberfarn“

soulbottle 0,6l„Flotter House“


discover „Flotter House“

soulbottle 0,6l„Yap Yap“


discover „Yap Yap“

soulbottle 0,6l„Joyphins“


discover „Joyphins“

soulbottle 0,6l„Trink Wasser Digga!“


discover „Trink Wasser Digga!“

soulbottle 0,6l„Heimat.Wasser.“


discover „Heimat.Wasser.“

soulbottle 0,6l„Kois“


discover „Kois“

soulbottle 0,6l„Flower of Life“


discover „Flower of Life“

soulbottle 0,6l„Just breathe“


discover „Just breathe“



discover Geschenkgutschein

soulbottle 0,6l„Fill your Life with Soul“


discover „Fill your Life with Soul“

soulbottle 0,6l„Jellyfish in the Bottle“


discover „Jellyfish in the Bottle“

Don't worry! Soon it will be available again!

soulbottle 0,6l„Basic“


discover „Basic“

soulbottle 0,6l„You're right“


discover „You're right“

soulbottle 0,6l„Lei(s)tungswasser“


discover „Lei(s)tungswasser“

soulbottle 0,6l„einfach nur Wasser“


discover „einfach nur Wasser“