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0.6 l


Prices are incl. tax., incl. 1€ donation
plus shipping costs.
delivery 1-3 working days.
Laser engraving up to
10 working days.

Incl. removable carrying handle.

Sustainably produced in
China and Germany
Made in Berlin
with love
1€ per bottle
for drinking water projects
Fair towards employees
and manufacturers
Drinking plasticfree
while looking good
Drinking water
against climate change

Our beloved “soulsquirrel” comes back in a limited special edition. The soulbottle steel is shatterproof, stainless and vacuum insulated. This makes our soulsquirrel ready for every adventure. Not suitable for dishwashers.


Gerhard Buchegger
Frequently asked questions

Why is the soulbottle steel partly manufactured in China? How responsible can the production there even be?

Believe us: If it was possible to manufacture the soulbottle steel in Germany, we would have done so ages ago. But the producers of stainless steel products have moved to different continents ages ago and after months of research we had to admit to ourselves: If we want to make a good bottle that can accompany you on rock climbing adventures, bike tours, kindergarten birthday parties or other simply too thrilling moments for glass bottles, we need to dare the step to new continents. And our mission and social business approach comes along! We have examined suppliers of various sizes until finding a partner that shares our criteria for responsible production and has been very motivated to engage in a program of continuous impact improvement with us from now on.

Double wall insulation: Get ready for hot tea and cold smoothies!

The soulbottle steel has a double wall vacuum insulation. That means that it can keep hot tea warm for hours or keep it cool and refreshing whenever you need it. And: without any water condensation!

Carbonated drinks and sparkling water – will they get along with my soulmate?

We’ve put the soulbottle steel through an extensive bubble test: Filled with sparkling water it was put into a circular vibration machine and afterwards stored sideways and upside down. The result? soulbottles steel are reliable partners in carbonated crimes.