Korallenreich x Bracenet
0.6 l


Prices are incl. tax., incl. 1€ donation
plus shipping costs.
delivery 1-3 working days.
Laser engraving up to
10 working days.

Incl. removable carrying handle.

Made in Berlin
with love
1€ per bottle
for drinking water projects
Fair towards employees
and manufacturers
Drinking plasticfree
while looking good
Drinking water
against climate change

Dive into the world of coral reefs without spooky ghost nets. Our buddies from Bracenet are fishing them out of the ocean so we can #savetheseas together. Design by Annika Metze. Dishwasher proof.


Annika Metze
Korallenreich x Bracenet
Frequently asked questions

How do I best clean my soulbottles?

Your soulmate loves water and even more enjoys rides in the dishwasher. Feel free to take your bottle apart for that. This video shows you how to best do that with the lid. Oh, your bottle has gold or silver printing? Since you don't want the shimmer and shine to go away, your soulmate is waiting for your touch. Or that of a brush with vegan tampico bristles made from agave...oh hang on, our soulbrush is made from them!

Why aren't all designs available in both sizes?

Because of the limited amount of designs, we would rather go for a new design rather than "just" printing it on a different size. But hey: if you find 50 friends who are just as in love as you are with a design, you can custom order them. For that, contact b2b@soulbottles.com.

What about tea?

As with all glass products and hot drinks it depends on the difference in temperature. We recommend for it to not be more than 40 degrees. What you can do is place your bottle in warm water to temper it before filling it up with tea. That also means that in order to fill it with boiling water, you would have to heat it up to 60 degrees...which is pretty cozy.