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Doulton counter top filter with ultracarb cartridge

  • case from stainless steel
  • filter material: ceramic, activated charcoal
  • fits with all standard faucets

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The table filter from Doulton convinces us with its stainless steel outside – and its double inside! The casing contains a Doulton Supercarb cartridge. This cartridge offers filtration in multiple stages with just one filter. it combines a ceramic outside with a center of activated coal. The filter can be attached easily and quickly to all common water faucets with the help of a linking piece. A switch helps you chose between filtered and unfiltered water, so that you decrease the exposure on your filter. Please note: Do not operate behind pressureless boilers, do not connect to a shower head and operate only with cold water. The recommended time between changing the cartridge is 6 months.

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Doulton Wasserfilter • für alle Standard-Wasserhähne • soulbottles
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