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EcoPro activated carbon filter incl. cartridge

  • mobile faucet filter
  • filter material: activated carbon
  • reusable case
  • fits with all standard faucets

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Filter capacity. 1500l / 3 Months
Flow: 240l / h
Filter material: activated carbon (from coconut shells)
Filters: chlorine, lead, heavy metals, pesticides, microplastics, organic compounds

The TAPP2-faucetfilter is a portable filter for at home or traveling. It fits onto all standardized faucets in Europe and for each use you can choose between filtered and unfiltered. The filter consists of a block of activated coal, which cleans the water through applying two methods: adsorption & mechanic filtration. Adorption means: during the filtering process a major part of the toxins are absorbed by the surface of the coal.
The mechanic filtration works like a sieve: The water is pressed though and everything larger than 2 micrometers is held back.
After about 3 months the filter should be exchanged. You can discharge the TAPP2-Filter into your organic waste. The time gauge on the outside of the filter helps you to keep track of when the next change is due.

TAPP 2-Wasserhahnfilter • passt auf alle Standard-Wasserhähne • soulbottles
Wasserhahnfilter aus Aktivkohlefilter Tapp 2 • soulbottles

Filterkapazität: 1.500 l / 3 Monate
Durchfluss: 240 l / h
Filtermaterial: Aktivkohle (aus Kokosnussschalen)
Filtert:  Chlor, Blei, Schwermetalle, Pestizide, Mikroplastik, Organische Verbindungen und jetzt auch Kalk!

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Ersatzkartuschen von TAPP 2 twist • für Wasserhahnfilter • soulbottles