I have a question about soulbottles
My soulmate and carbonated drinks – does that work?

If you just can't resist the fizz in you life, make sure you leave some room for the gases. We recommend for you to not fill it up further than the shoulders of the bottle. Our soulbottles are able to resist a pressure of up to 3 bar, which is more than commonly used glass for carbonated drinks. However, that only applies for intact bottles. If you've dropped your bottle before or it's had to handle some hits, we can't guarantee that anymore.

What about tea?

As with all glass products and hot drinks it depends on the difference in temperature. We recommend for it to not be more than 40 degrees. What you can do is place your bottle in warm water to temper it before filling it up with tea. That also means that in order to fill it with boiling water, you would have to heat it up to 60 degrees...which is pretty cozy.

How do I best clean my soulmate?

Your soulmate loves water and even more enjoys rides in the dishwasher. Feel free to take your bottle apart for that. This video shows you how to best do that with the lid. Oh, your bottle has gold or silver printing? Since you don't want the shimmer and shine to go away, your soulmate is waiting for your touch. Or that of a brush with vegan tampico bristles made from agave...oh hang on, our soulbrush is made from them!

Spare parts

Your soulmate can be disassembled into all its individual parts. Every one of those you can exchange and renew. They are all available in our online shop.

My lid has a rough patch – is it defective?

No, that is the place where the lid was placed down after glazing it. The ceramic is open-pored here but afterwards it was kilned at over a thousand degrees. So no worries, it's all safe and sealed.
For our newer models we optimized that process together with our suppliers, so that now we have a ring on which it is placed after glazing.

How are soulbottles produced?

Our motto is: as local and sustainable as possible. We do not only pay attention to the materials and their origin, but also that we work together with suppliers that share our views and philosophy. Ones who we can rely on and keep developing and optimizing our bottles with. For example the glazing of our lids or the origin of the raw rubber material.

What happens with the 1€ donation for every soulbottle sold?

Because not all people have the luxury of clean water directly from the tap, we support drinking water projects worldwide. That is why for every soulbottle you buy, 1€ goes to Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. and the WASH-Project (water sanitation hygiene) of the Welthungerhilfe.

What about the different designs?
Where do all the designs come from?

For our collection we work with designers from all over the world. Some designs have come from design contests, through request, or through friends and connections. We are always open for your ideas and suggestions. Send us an email!

Does the design rub off?

The ceramic silkscreen print on your soulbottles is burned on to it at around 700 degrees. It is acid-, leach-, and scratch-proof. We guarantee up to 500 washes in the dishwasher. Our metallic bottles with gold and silver are excluded in that guarantee.

Can I buy a plain soulbottle?

No, our soulmates always have a design printed on them. That is because we want every soulfriend to find their perfect soulmate and we spend a lot of time selecting the designs. Sometimes they're printed with all of the colors of the rainbow, and other times they have very simple designs. For example "einfach nur wasser". Maybe that's the one for you!

Why can't I find older designs on your website anymore?

The goal of our selection of designs is to offer a large range of different options to cater to everybody's needs. We have a high minimum order for our collection which is why we are restricted in the amount of designs that we carry. That is why from time to time older designs are replaced by new ones. It gives us the chance to share an even more varied collection of beautiful soulbottles with the world.

Why aren't all designs available in both sizes?

Take a look at the question above. Because of the limited amount of designs, we would rather go for a new design rather than "just" printing it on a different size. But hey: if you find 50 friends who are just as in love as you are with a design, you can custom order them. For that, contact b2b@soulbottles.com.

I have questions regarding other products

Rise and shine because now you can fit 0,4l of caffeine power into your new soulcup! You can casually take a stand against our throw-away society on your way to work, university, or school. Your new favorite travel mug is completely plastic-free, even the rubber used. To make opening and closing it easier, it is best wetted before.


Upcycling, sustainable and 400ml full of soul – your soulglasses used to be soulbottles with a beauty mark. Cut off and filed, we turned them back into the beautyqueens and kings that they truly are. Speaking of kings and queens: our gold and silber soulglasses require your special care. Which means that you should wash them by hand.


The last straw you will ever have to buy. As much as we like sipping from straws, they produce a huge amount of plastic waste. That is why our straws are made from glass. 100% plasticfree and reusable! Simply rinse them after drinking and put them in your dishwasher. They fit your 0,6l soulbottle perfectly: straight 25cm and bent 29,5cm.

Complaints and returns

We send out a lot of soulbottles every day, so from time to time things may go wrong. The bottles are hand-packed (by actual humans) after all. If something happens to be missing or you have a complaint regarding your order – please don't be mad at us and send us an email with the following information (if you have them): contact information, customer number, invoice number and date of purchase, article name and a quick description of the problem or even a picture that shows the defect. Of course you can also call one of the soulies that work in customer service. You can reach us under 030 5096 6512.
The fun small print:
We are not liable for defects that are subject to poor use, handling or poor care.


We provide you with a return label if your delivery was wrong or defective. If you want to make a return based on your liking or cancelling the order you will have to pay the shipping costs.
Please return the goods to us in their original packaging and an a suitable box. Ideally it would be our box. Please pay attention to cushioning!

Order and shipment
How long does it take my soulmate to get to me?

Our pack*women are doing their very best in order for your soulmate to be with you as quickly as possible. For PayPal purchases and if the item ordered is on stock, we usually send your order out after one work day. If you decide to pay through prepayment, we wait for the payment to arrive here. The next step for you: keeping your fingers crossed for a fast mail*woman! Usually the parcel will get to you 2-3 work days later. If you live in Berlin you can choose the option "self pick-up". It saves you the shipping costs and the world some CO2.

Where do you deliver?

Since our soulmates love to travel, they are always open to new adventures. However they often come across the fact that the further the destination, the more expensive the ticket gets. What the delivery to your address costs is shown to you during ordering.

I have a question regarding my order or I would like to change it.

For questions feel free to contact our customer service through hello@soulbottles.com.
Changes regarding your delivery can only be made max. 1 day after ordering. That's how fast we work here!

What about your packaging? Is it also 100% plastic-free?

Our padding is completely plastic-free and even recycled! We purchased some crazy machines that shred and fold our paper waste so that your soulmate has a soft and cozy padding to travel in.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs don't just consist of postal charges but also insurance, personnel costs of our soulies working in logistics and all the packaging material. For more details check Shipment.

Can I buy my soulmate and the replacements offline?

Yes, we have retailers almost everywhere. You can check here where the closest retailer to you is located. Unfortunately, we can't tell you which designs and other soulproducts are available at what location. But experience has shown that our retailers always sell something worth your while.

I am a business client
I am interested in customized soulbottles.

Individuality creates a bond with employees and customers. That is why soulbottles are also available with custom prints and engraving. You're interested? Then send an email to b2b@soulbottles.com.

I would like to sell your bottles in my shop.

Yay, we're always happy to welcome a new member in our soulfamily. Send an email to retail@soulbottles.com. Next step: welcome as a soulbottles retailer!

I always wanted to tell you that!