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10 Jahre soulbottles • Jubiläumsbottle für nur 19,90 €

soulsleeve 0.6l, various colours

  • sustainably produced protective cover
  • made of cork and natural rubber
  • fits all 0.6 l soulbottles

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adventure approved: the soulsleeve!

These two cork halves close protectively around your soulbottle and make her fit for any adventure. The cork comes from Portugal and is, as you would expect from us, sustainably grown and fairly produced. To ensure that the soulsleeve and soulbottle can snuggle together and nothing slips, they are held together by two bands of natural rubber. Just like our rubber rings, the bands are Fair Rubber certified. Now you get to decide: Do you want it to be classic or colorful? The rubber bands are available in black, white and orange.

nachhaltiger Korkschutz für soulbottles • soulsleeve 0,6 l • Ringe aus Naturkautschuk • soulbottles
Korkschutz für soulbottles • soulsleeve 0,6 l • soulbottles
nachhaltiger Trinkflaschen Korkschutz für soulbottles • soulsleeve weiß 0,6 l • plastikfrei