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glass 0.6 l or 1.0 l • surprise design #secondlove

  • factory second or oldie design
  • surprise bottle
  • fully functioning
  • 100 % plastic free
€18.00 €27.90 (35.48% Saved)

prices incl. tax, plus shipping costs

delivery time about 2-4 days


factory second or oldies as a surprise bottle

We don't want to waste anything! Therefore we offer glass soulbottles in 0.6 l or 1.0 l with little flaws. These can be wrong prints, little bubbles or streaks in the glass – but for sure fully functioning and definetely unique!
In addition you can catch gorgeous oldie designs, which we don't have in the collection anymore for a while but still have a little stock of them. They don't have any flaws (except a little bit of dust) but still looking for a new home. ♥
Sometimes they'll arrive in another product packaging as usual.

Due to the little amounts, you cannot choose the design, lit or rubber colour and also don't add a text engraving here. In return you get a huge discount and a nice surprise – and this you get way to rarely, no? ;)

Designs could be among others: flug der pinguine, leave no one behind, waterfall city, icebreaker, one million drops

soulbottles b-ware glas • makel: fehlerhafter druck
soulbottles b-ware glas • makel: kleines bläschen

Fully funtioning as as always:
✓ 100 % plastic free
✓ leak proof
✓ dishwasher safe (except gold prints)
✓ climate neutral and sustainable produced in Germany
✓ supports our water project WASH'n'soul

Due to not liking of the design, you may not return the surprise bottle for free. Also please don't forget the causing CO2. ;)

In case you want to choose and configure your very own soulmate, simply go to our shop. By the way: we also offer steel bottles and some accessories as factory second, find them all in the category.

soulbottles b-ware glas • makel: verdicktes glas