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friendship light

  • 0.5 l + 1.2 l soulbottle steel light
  • -15 % discounted
  • leak poof, even with carbonated drinks
  • 100 % plastic free
€59.90 €69.80 (14.18% Saved)

prices incl. tax, plus shipping costs

delivery time about 2-5 Tage

Thanks to our discounted set with the soulbottle steel light 1.2 l Utopia and 0.5 l Steel, you'll always have the best drinking bottle for each occasion by your side – for a quick walk or a long hike – and you even save 15 %! Both bottles are made of single walled steel, are extra light, leak proof, even with carbonated drinks and of course 100 % plastic free!

friendship light
friendship light