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outdoor buddies

  • 0.6 l soulbottle steel insulated
  • 2x 0.3 l soulcup steel
  • fair & climate neutral production
€50.90 €59.70 (14.74% Saved)

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perfect for the next outdoor adventures

The soulbottle insulated steel 0.6 l does not only come with a classic, timeless design, is light weight and unbreakable – thanks to its insulating ability, you can fill it with your favourite hot or cold drinks to bring along on your next outdoor activity and fill your soulcups to share with your buddies.

soulcup steel • Trinkbecher aus Edelstahl draußen im Winter
soulbottle steel insulated beim Camping

15 % discount in this set

✓ soulbottle keeps drinks hot or cold for hours
✓ leak-proof swing top
✓ unbreakable stainless steel
✓ free from toxins and plastic