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soulfilter starter set • wasserfilter für soulbottles • für zuhause oder unterwegs soulfilter starter kit
bye plastic bottle, hello soulfilter! Whether at home, remote work or on your travels in the deepest jungle – in many countries you can't drink tap water for health reasons or you have concerns about your tap water at home and you have...
refilter and create change refilter and create change
Whether for tap water or unsafe water sources on the road - with the soulfilter you can easily filter both and drink without hesitation. The soulfilter filters 99.9% of all viruses, baketria, chlorine and dirt. This means you no longer...
€55.90 €59.80
Sparset -15 % soulbottle steel insulated + 2x 0,3 l soulcup steel your outdoor buddies
perfect for your next outdoor adventure The soulbottle insulated steel 0.6 l does not only come with a classic, timeless design, is light weight and unbreakable – thanks to its insulating ability, you can fill it with your favourite hot...
€52.90 €59.70
soulbottles glas 0,6 l oder 1,0 l B-Ware Überraschungsmotiv glass 0.6 l or 1.0 l • no print #secondlove
Huh, isn't there something missing here? Yes, the print! Usually our soulbottles are decorated with art pieces by designers. But there are some bottles, which we don't print or engrave since the glass has little flaws . But it would be...
€15.00 €27.90
soulbottles glas 0,6 l oder 1,0 l B-Ware Überraschungsmotiv glass 0.6 l or 1.0 l • surprise design #secondlove
factory second or oldies as a surprise bottle We don't want to waste anything! Therefore we offer glass soulbottles in 0.6 l or 1.0 l with little flaws . These can be wrong prints, little bubbles or streaks in the glass – but for sure...
€18.00 €27.90
Sparset aus zwei soulbottles 0,6 l aus Glas mit Segler und Quallen under (and above) the sea
Under... oh, and above the sea. This set comes fully loaded with the ocean. Two glass soulbottles 0.6 l with ocean designs: elegant jellyfishes and relaxed sailor . The ideal gift for your soulmates or just for yourself. Our glass...
€49.90 €55.80
crystal clear view crystal clear view
In this bundle you find a soulbottle 0.6 l out of glass with the design " alpenblick " and cleaning beads from stainless steel. With one of our best selling soulbottle amd the popular cleaning beads, you not only look good while...
€36.90 €40.80
Sparset -10 % soulbottle steel light 0,5 l mit soulcap + Maus Brotdose zero waste pause
start the school with TheMouse, soulbottle & soulcap Yay – with the set with our soulcap, the feather-light steel light and TheMouse on the lunch box, the snack break is even more fun! Whether for pupils or for the first day of...
€58.90 €65.70
soulfilter replacement cartridge 2x soulfilter replacement cartridge 2x
lets's change: the soulfilter replacement cartridges! Your soulfilter cartridges need to be replaced to have your drinking water optimally filtered again when traveling or at home? No problem: Here you can get the cartridges to enjoy...
soulfilter starter kit + 1,2 l soulbottle steel light Utopia • mobiler Wasserfilter soulfilter starter kit + 1.2 l steel light utopia
Refilter and create change! Whether at home, remote work or on your travels in the deepest jungle – with our discounted set, consisting of the 1,2 l steel light utopia and the soulfilter starter kit, you will always have clean drinking...
€71.90 €79.80
soulfilter starter kit + 0,6 l soulbottle steel insulated Industrial • mobiler Wasserfilter • im Set -10 % soulfilter starter kit + 0.6 l steel insulated...
Refilter and create change! Whether at home, remote work or on your travels in the deepest jungle –with our discounted set, consisting of the 0.6 l steel insulated industrial and the soulfilter starter kit, you will always have clean...
€71.90 €79.80
Sparset -15 % • soulbottle steel light 1,2 l utopia + 0,5 l steel • 100 % plastikfrei lightest friendship
Thanks to our discounted set with the soulbottle steel light 1.2 l Utopia and 0.5 l Steel, you'll always have the best drinking bottle for each occasion by your side – for a quick walk or a long hike – and you even save 15 %! Both...
€59.90 €69.80
logo engraving 1.0 l logo engraving 1.0 l
logo engraving 0.6 l logo engraving 0.6 l
steel insulated • various colors #secondlove steel insulated • various colors #secondlove
perfectly imperfect So dazzling, so unique: our discounted love at second sight shines with its inner values. Our double walled soulbottle steel insulated plain, industrial and utopia bottles with a capacity of 0.6 l are the perfect...
€29.90 €39.90
steel insulated • various designs #secondlove steel insulated • various designs #secondlove
oldies but goldies... oh, silveries?! You find the first generation of the steel insulated in little quantity here. They're just waiting for a second chance gorgeous and fully functioning. They're a little older and not as optimized as...
€29.90 €39.90
steel light • various colours #secondlove steel light • various colours #secondlove
courageous classic Our second choice soulbottle steel light plain in the classic steel look is for the brave. Brave enough for flaws. The single walled stainless steel bottle has a few scratches and dents, but these do not limit the...
€24.90 €32.90
Reinigungsperlen aus Edelstahl • Putzen ohne Spüli • plastik- & schadstofffrei • von soulbottles cleaning beads out of stainless steel
Our stainless steel Cleaning beads clean your soulbottle within seconds: Fill the beads and a little bit of tap water in your bottle, shake it, done. And all of that without any plastic or huge amounts of dish soap. Let the beads dry on...
nachhaltige soulbrush Reinigungsbürste für soulbottles Trinkflaschen • plastikfrei & vegan • soulbottles soulbrush bottle cleaner, vegan
For cleaning your soulmate we recommend you gentle soap and this fitted brush. The plant fibre origin from an agave species indigenious on a mexican plateau. She only grows there and offers perfect characteristics for brushes. The eech...
reinigungsbürste plastikfrei & vegan • Borsten aus Agave • soulbottles strawbrush, vegan
Our vegan strawbush fits perfectly in your soulstraw for easy peasy cleaning. The bristles are made from a Mexican agave species and with the flexible wire it reaches every corner. Manufacured in Germany.
€3.90 €6.90
big break with the mouse big break with the mouse
This set includes the 1.0 l soulbottle the big mouse and a lunch box with mouse design for a special price. Because who doesn’t like to take a break and be smiled at by the mouse?!
€54.90 €60.80
Korkschutz für soulbottles • Bänder aus Naturkautschuk in schwarz, weiß und orange • soulsleeve für 0,6 l Trinkflasche soulsleeve 0.6l, various colours
adventure approved: the soulsleeve! These two cork halves close protectively around your soulbottle and make her fit for any adventure. The cork comes from Portugal and is, as you would expect from us, sustainably grown and fairly...
Edelstahlbecher 0,3 l • soulcup steel utopia • wiederverwendbar • von soulbottles soulcup steel Utopia, various sizes
Spread a good mood and be sustainable at the same time? No problem for our soulcup steel Utopia with a filling volume of 350 ml or 500 ml. With the completely plastic free and lightweight soulcup made of stainless steel you never need a...
plastikfreier soulcup steel 0,4 l • Picknick, Festival oder Camping • wiederverwendbar • soulbottles soulcup steel, two sizes
No matter if picnic, festival or camping – with our soulcup steel you can say goodbye to disposable cups. It is made of stainless steel, has a capacity of 350 ml or 500 ml, is light as a feather, unbreakable and, as you are used to from...
soulbottles Sparset „die Maus" und „der Elefant" • 0,6 l, auslaufsicher 100 % plastikfrei mousy friends
Get the mouse and the elephant in a set for you and your best friend for a special price! Included in the set: soulbottle 0.6 l the mouse, soulbottle 0.6 l the elephant from our mouse collection for the 50th mouse anniversary, each with...
€53.90 €59.80
soulbags • praktisch und wasserabweisend • braun, grau, schwarz • Fitz & Huxley • soulbottles soulbag bottle bag • by fitz & huxley
Whether on a trip with friends or the next sport unit in the park: With the new soulbags by Fitz & Huxley you make a stylish statement against throwaway society. You can choose between plain brown, grey and black – and they fit your 0.6...
Gummidichtung 3er Pack für soulbottles aus Naturkautschuk • 100 % plastkfrei • verschiedene Farben rubber gasket 3 pack • various colours
Wouldn't it be nice if your soulmate always fits your mood? No problem: Rubbers in different colors in a useful bundle of 3 makes it possible. Whether rather simple or brightly colored, the choice is yours. And it's not just the variety...
soulstraw Glastrinkhalm gerade oder gebogen • wiederverwendbar, spülmaschinengeeignet • soulbottles soulstraw glass • bent or straight
One for over and over again Sipping with a drinking straw is fun. And sipping can now be really sustainable and completely without rubbish: With our soulbottles glass straw. Like our glass drinking bottles, it is sustainably produced in...
carrier handle loose, unpackaged carrier handle loose, unpackaged
Delivery contents: carrier handle WITHOUT lit. Can easily be installed on your soulmate. Do you need help? Check out our instruction video .
soulbottles deckel aus Keramik und Edelstahl • verschiedene Farben swing top – ceramic or steel
Our swing top made from ceramic and stainless steel suits perfectly on your soulmate. The various colours of the imprinted logo are giving their best to harmonise with each motive – be brave and try out another one! The colour of the...
Gummidichtung für soulbottles aus Naturkautschuk rubber gasket, various colours
Our rubber gaskets are based on natural rubber with some metal-based colours. The rest is chalk. No harmful ingredients or any petrochemical stuff – just the good ones! Our multiple colours suit your soulmate and give you the possibility...
soulcap • Aufsatz für soulbottles für Kinder & Sport soulcap • sports cap for all soulbottles, silicone
Do you need a soulbottle top that is even easier to open? For example when cycling, in the gym or for small soulbottles fans. The soulcap makes opening and closing the soulbottle a piece of cake and accompanies you everywhere now! Can be...
Edelstahlbrotdose mit Die MausMotiv graviert • Eco Brotbox Classic • soulbottles lunchbox classic • the mouse with soul
The mouse got soul – and the mouse goes to school! Our bread box with an original mouse design brings you not only to the start of school really good mood, but shines as a stable companion every day on the schoolyard. Ideal for...

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