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replacement bottle glass 1.0 l


Prices are incl. tax., incl. 1€ donation
plus shipping costs.
delivery 1-3 working days.
Incl. removable carrying handle.


Oh no, your soulbottle had an accident? No Problem! You can keep the lid and order a replacement bottle. In the video further below you can find out how to install the lid to your new soulmate.


  • 100 % plastic free
  • CO₂ neutral production in Germany
  • 60-80 % recycled glass
  • 1 € per soulbottle to our drinking water project


  • glass bottle
  • love & soul
nachhaltig produziert in
China und Deutschland
made in Berlin
with love
1 € pro Flasche
an Trinkwasserprojekte
fair zu Mitarbeitenden
und Produzent*innen
plastikfrei trinken
und dabei gut aussehen
Wasser trinken
gegen den Klimawandel